Remaining Time

Important Dates

  • 4-5 Dec 2019 Congress and Exhibition


  As the Republic of Turkey, our state has strengthened its place as a reputable state among the states around the world through its modernization efforts in social, cultural, scientific, artistic, commercial and industrial spheres and so on from its foundation until now.

  As known, transportation and access are major factors decisive for countries' level of development. Our country has become an outstanding force at national and international level due to its qualified transportation system offering many alternatives. Many activities were and are still performed regarding construction considered as a driver of positive change.

  Due to our developing national economy, tunnels and underground structures have been constructed along land routes at full pace in recent years. Especially tunnels which are constructed via modern project design and construction techniques regarding tunnelling and underground structures have been swiftly put into service in recent years.

  “Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Çamlık Tunnel, Orhangazi Tunnel, Ovit Tunnel, New Zigana Tunnel, Blue Tunnel, Silvan Tunnel, Gerede Tunnel” are just a few of the most recent projects in our country in the field of tunnelling and underground structures.

  The Turkish Road Association established in 1990 with the mission of closely following and supporting scientific and technological developments, evaluating and disseminating technical knowledge. The Association has been instrumental in transferring new inventions and new practices to the respective sectors and all relevant parties and also contributed to science and technology by holding national and international events for nearly 30 years.

   To that end, the first national congress had been held in 2016 in order to bring together relevant stakeholders from the sector so as to enable to share of recent developments, innovations and practices on tunnel project design and construction techniques as well as the experience. The "2nd National Tunnelling and Underground Space Congress and Exhibition" will be organized by the Turkish Road Association under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and with the  technical assistance of General Directorate of Highways on December 4-5, 2019 in Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center Ankara in Turkey.

  Furthermore, the event will also host an exhibition to be participated by national and international manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and tools related to the manufacturing and application of special building components that are critical in tunnel construction.

  The Turkish Road Association invites and expects the participation of representatives from the relevant departments of universities, the relevant departments of institutions and organizations and all parties from the tunnelling sector as participants or exhibitors in the 2nd National Tunnelling and Underground Space Congress and Exhibition where the various aspects of tunnels will be discussed.